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Instead of being preoccupied by problems, we can be preoccupied by the promise of redemption.

Do you ever feel distracted?

No, really. It’s an honest question. Do you feel like there are too many things going on at any given moment to really focus on what matters most?

Welcome to the club; or rather, welcome to the church.

You see, we live in a world full of distractions. There are so many things vying for our attention on any given day, week, month, or year. Many of us juggle work, family, church, and other community activities, sure, but lately there’s a whole lot more than that to keep us busy.

Most of us know that every time we turn on the news, we’ll likely find ourselves being hit with a whole flood of ugliness and evil. On a global scale, we see millions of refugees without a home, civil wars, terrorism, religious persecution, and human trafficking. In the United States, domestic poverty, animosity, the mistreatment of women, racism, and a whole range of seemingly insurmountable ideological divisions plague us without rest.

The needs are indeed great.

Even as Christians, its easy to find ourselves getting lost in this fray. We love Jesus and want to serve him faithfully, but perhaps struggle figuring out how to help a world that (sometimes) feels like its crumbling down around us.

In short, we’re preoccupied by problems.

And so, many of us find it easier to retreat from all that’s happening around us. We’d so much rather hide in the safety of our homes, Christian churches, and closed-off social circles rather than engage with the difficulty and darkness.

But despite these temptations, many of us do find ourselves asking how we can help. More practically speaking, the question is often asked: Is there actually anything that can help fix what’s so clearly broken about our world? …

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