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Getty’s five-year conference engages theology, the arts, and song.

Ed: So first, tell me how the Getty Music Worship Conference, Sing!, went a few weeks ago.

Keith: It was amazing. We had a wonderful lineup of speakers. But most importantly, it’s really helping individuals, families, and churches to grow and thrive. It was year two of five for the conference and the theme was taken from the Psalms.

We had three different groups in attendance. We had those engaged in theology who were looking at really deep and rich theology. We had artists and vibrant artistry—those who are creatives, musicians, or involved in choirs and orchestras. Then, we have leaders of music in churches and in homes. We had a lot of worship leaders in that group, but we also had over 400 people who lead children’s music as well.

When these three groups come together, it’s an extraordinary and innovative explosion. You end up with these beautiful moments of inspiration, color, and beauty, combined with such powerful, thoughtful praise. The dissection of all that happens during the conference takes place in seminars, late at night, and over meals throughout our time together.

All of us ended up experiencing the peace of the Lord and a reassurance that this was an important event. It’s really been a privilege to be a small part of it.

Ed: For next year, you’re leading in with the theme about the life of Christ. Tell me more about this shift.

Keith: Well, I originally put together a five-year plan.

For the first year we decided to look at the congregational singing 500 years after Luther and the Reformation year. Then, we took on the Psalms, because that’s the Bible’s songbook. In year three, we’re going through the life of Christ, and in year four we will be singing through the Scriptures. …

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