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“If I want to continue to speak effectively into our culture, I must keep studying.”

Ed: We recently gathered together with the partnership between Propel Women and the Wheaton College Graduate School. What are your initial thoughts about what God is doing through this partnership?

Christine: I am blown away. Even just the fact that we’ve doubled in size this first year is incredible. I saw a glimpse in the natural of what I had seen in my heart when we started it. I love that all of these young women are being trained and equipped for evangelism and leadership. It’s awesome.

Ed: You are also going through our Master’s-level program yourself as part of Propel Women. Why not just do a conference and equip everybody in three days? Why go through a higher education institution and take years?

Christine: That’s a great question. I think it’s because I need to be formed. In three days, you can impart something, but impartation and formation are two different things and this process of going back to school and getting my Master’s degree is helping to form something deeper in me and my thinking. I think I’ll be a whole lot more effective in my three-day conferences because of the formation that’s happening for me at Wheaton.

Ed: What do you hope to glean as you go through this program?

Christine: I think the great thing is the age breadth in this program because we’ve got women who are grandmothers, women who are mothers, women who are single, women straight out of school going to grad school, and women like me who haven’t been to school for three decades. We have a great breadth and diversity of women from everywhere, and we have women from different traditions, ethnicities, and races. It’s a beautiful experience.

And the two topics of evangelism and leadership are …

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