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Diagnosed on anniversary of her husband’s death, Billy Graham’s daughter responds with prayer of famous missionary to India, Amy Carmichael.

“What fuel has the Refiner added to the fire as He works to reveal Jesus in and through you? He has recently stoked the fire under me!”

So began yesterday’s revelation by Anne Graham Lotz, the “best preacher in the family” of Billy Graham (according to her late father himself), that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The popular evangelist and author received the news “three years to the day … at the very same time of day” as her husband Danny Lotz’s death while swimming in 2015.

“When I realized the strange ‘coincidence’ of the timing, I came to the chilling conclusion that it was an assignment from the enemy,” wrote Lotz on her AnGeL Ministries website. “But just as that thought was forming, I heard the soft, gentle whisper of the Spirit, reminding me that it was on a Friday, during that very same time … between 3:00 and 3:30 in the afternoon … that God’s Passover Lamb was sacrificed.

“Jesus died on the very same day of the week, at the very same time of the day, crushing the head of the serpent, forever defeating the devil and death. Praise God!,” she wrote. “The cross … the blood of God’s Lamb … trumps anything the devil can throw at us or assign to us! So I am left to worship and totally trust our God who is ultimately in control. Of everything.”

In requesting the prayers of her many supporters, Lotz cited Amy Carmichael, a famous Irish missionary to India whose “eloquent and moving prayer below has given me words to express my heart’s desire.” The prayer reads:

From prayer that asks that I may beSheltered from winds that beat on Thee,From fearing when …

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