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As Pentecostalism rises in Latin America, so does spiritual and political support for the Holy Land.

The United States wasn’t the only country to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem this week. Just days after Trump administration officials and American pastors Robert Jeffress and John Hagee attended the historic—and contentious—opening in the holy city, Guatemala did the same.

“We have had an excellent relationship with the people of Israel since the foundation of the State of Israel,” President Jimmy Morales told CBN on Wednesday.

His Central American country, now the most heavily evangelical nation in Latin America, was an early supporter of Israel’s independence in 1948 and the first to establish an embassy in Jerusalem in the late 1950s. (It was later 1 of 13 nations that withdrew their embassies from the disputed city due to a 1980 United Nations resolution.)

“We’ve had excellent relations, and we have to strengthen that relationship,” he said. “And I believe we’ll be receiving a blessing for both peoples by doing the right thing.”

Citing prayer and prophesy as their motivation, Morales and Vice President Jafeth Cabrera officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital last year and pledged to return Guatemala’s embassy there.

“People in Guatemala pray for the peace in this region, pray for Jerusalem, and they are excited,” said Sarah Angelina Solis, Guatemala’s ambassador to Israel, in an interview with CBN. “I feel this is a gift from God. I know that a lot of blessings will come after this decision. This is a promise in the Bible, in Genesis, and I don’t think, I’m sure many blessings will come for Guatemala.”

Its pale blue and white flag once again alongside Israel’s in the Jewish …

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