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Cornerstones is a discipleship tool for parents to use with their children and an approachable systematic theology book for parents.

Ed: What is the basic premise of Cornerstones?

Brian:Cornerstones is a pair of books—one for children and the other for parents—that covers the basic doctrines of the faith in a question-and-answer format, like a catechism. Years ago, when I was in seminary, I learned how the early church had used catechisms to train believers in the faith and I decided that I wanted to use this approach with my children.

So I searched for one to use, but the ones I found either had a theological bias, missed topics I wanted to cover, or had questions that were too complex or wording that wasn’t kid-friendly. So I wrote my own. At that time, I think I had about 100 questions.

My wife and I used that homemade resource with our kids for several years and it worked really well. My kids were learning and they seemed to enjoy our times “doing the questions.” As a family, we were having some great conversations about God. I think the question-and-answer format gave them doctrine in bite-sized morsels they could digest.

I was serving in local church ministry, so I crafted a version to share with families in the churches where I served. I also added brief explanations to some of the questions and answers to help these parents understand the big doctrinal ideas they were rubbing shoulders with.

After I started working at LifeWay, I shared this idea with the B&H Publishing team and they not only liked the concept, but they wanted to take it farther. They recognized how important it is to equip parents, so they had the idea of providing a second book for parents—the Parent Guide—with longer explanations for each question and answer. The questions and answers were expanded as well—there are 200 in Cornerstones, …

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