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Big Oil’s decades of denial:

More first-rate reporting from

Inside Climate News

on the

long, long history of science and politics abuse

on climate issues from Big Oil and its affiliates.

Superfund sites swamped?

The Associated Press reports that 300+ toxic Superfund sites

could be underwater

due to sea level rise and anticipated increases in severe storms.

Home-grown wisdom:

EHN/Daily Climate founder Pete Myers on the

history of endocrine disruption science

— discovery, harassment, vindication and more. The premiere

Science History Podcast.

Atomic piling on?

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission launched its own

Clinton investigation

this week. But not so fast…. this one’s not about Hillary, but the Clinton Nuclear Plant, near Clinton, Illinois.

Smoke sidelines seniors:

A Harvard study links small amounts of air pollution to

health problems in senior citizens.

Running dry:


Palm Springs Desert Sun

continues its first-rate reporting on

western water issues

with a look at the very dry future of the Colorado River.


Washington Post’s

Dana Milbank, a harsh critic of the Trump Administration, writes that

Puerto Rico has been victimized twice,

first by Hurricane Maria, then by politics.

Ed Perlmutter on the newly passed and signed “tax reform” legislation

could cripple government science


An op-ed in the

Ventura (CA) News-Star

dares to

state the obvious

: Its fire-weary readership has an impact of climate change literally in the backyard.

EPA is suffering a brain drain, as scientists and technical experts

depart the agency in droves


The Interior Department has ordered a halt to a study of its

agency covering offshore oil safety.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes comments on the

paranoia of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt


Government agencies drastically reduced the number of personnel authorized to attend last week’s American Geophysical Union annual meeting — one of the most important earth science gatherings every year. America First? There are stories on both the

Interior Department

and the


slashing their numbers of attendees.

And Barry Myers, CEO of AccuWeather, is

Trump’s pick to head NOAA

. Can he truly separate himself from a family business that at times has featured climate denial?

Science Daily

reports on a study on

improving fetal health

among neighbors of closed coal power plants.

We’ve got a joyous holiday mix of food, health, climate and toxics stories for you:

Must-read investigation:


Louisville Courier-Journal

continues its dogged reporting on the state’s beleaguered coal industry: A melting Arctic and delinquent children figure into a shadowy figure’s

global scheme to distribute coal.

Nothing to see here: Unhealthy food giants fund healthy food researchers.

Malaysia boasts Asia’s worst obesity problems.

You’ll never guess

who holds many of the purse strings for its nutritionists.

Science, Schmience:

The Interior Department

slapped a harsh cap

on the number of scientists attending the American Geophysical Union’s annual meeting — one of the top science gatherings each year.

EPA’s press office becomes a story in itself.


reports on how

EPA’s Press Office

is a bit more like a political opposition research operation these days.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, or none of the above, enjoy the weekend.

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