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Join us this month at Progressive Baptist Church in downtown Chicago.

Autumn in Chicago is a stunning blend of historic skyscrapers and some of nature’s finest green spaces. The college students are flooding back into the city from their summer hiatus. Young families spend weekends doing sports and visiting orchards, squeezing out every ounce of the summer before the winter hits.

For pastors and church leaders, fall is when ministry kicks into high gear. This is especially true for church planters. Why? Because church planters have the same amount of planning and work to do as pastors of existing churches, but with less resources and a smaller leadership team.

Those of us who have planted and pastored churches know that fall tends to be when growth happens. It’s also the time when two other things happen:

  1. Casual attenders start volunteering (setting up, greeting, assisting, serving, etc…).
  2. Faithful volunteers join leadership (small groups, Sunday teams, planning, etc…).

So much happens in the fall that church planters need to be mindful that as much as they give out, they also need to take in.

That’s one of the reasons why a few of us in the Chicago area decided to start the Chicagoland Church Planting Alliance (CCPA). We want to make sure that church planters are being encouraged and cared for as they experience the different seasons of church planting.

CCPA is a multi-denominational group that encourages church planters in the Chicago area. (See The Need for Multi-Denominational Church Planting Networks in Our Cities.) Although we don’t plant churches together, we champion church planting and gather church planters and leaders together for learning, networking, and prayer.

On October 24th, CCPA is having our third gathering and we want to focus on helping Chicagoland …

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